Hand protection PPE supplies

Hands are often the first casualty when safety hazards arise.

Properly gloved hands are critical for the safety of your workers.

Avantor® offers an extensive selection of hand protection PPE so you can protect your colleagues from injury.

Hand Protection Product Selection

Avantor® offers hand protection PPE for every job, including applications involving chemicals, sensitive materials, sharp edges, rough objects, or extreme-temperature conditions. We carry superior hand protection supplies that deliver the features labs need to operate successfully and safely.

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Chemical Handling Gloves

VWR offers reliable hand protection from many dangerous chemicals...

Cleanroom Gloves

Find a variety of strong, permeation-resistant gloves that reduce the risk of contamination in your cleanroom...

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Choose from gloves that offer excellent resistance to abrasions, cuts, tears, and punctures...

Examination Gloves

Provide everyday barrier protection while ensuring tactile sensitivity during demanding applications...

Glove Liners

Reduce perspiration, prevent skin irritation, and extend the life of gloves.

Temperature Resistant Gloves

Protect workers' hands from extreme temperatures...


Ansell is a global safety solutions provider that offers a wide range of hand, body and foot protection solutions...

SW Safety Solutions

SW® specializes in manufacturing, R&D, and hand health technologies to provide premium hand protection products that enhance worker performance.

Wells Lamont Industrial

Wells Lamont has been protecting hands since 1907. Find the right gloves for your activities here.

What Is Hand Protection?

Hand protection keeps hands safe and free of injury from workplace incidents. It is often required when operating certain machinery, working with harmful substances, or when hands are exposed to hazardous conditions or objects. Hand protection PPE is mandated by OSHA, and employers must ensure employees use appropriate protection when hand hazards are present.

Which PPE Is Used for Hand Protection?

Gloves are the most used PPE for hand protection in laboratory settings gloves. They come in a variety of materials and sizes to help ensure hands are protected from every possible sort of incident. Some of the most used types of laboratory gloves include:

  • Nitrile gloves
  • Butyl gloves
  • Viton® gloves
  • Natural rubber gloves
  • PVC gloves
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Cryogenic gloves
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Disposable gloves
  • Extreme temperature mitts

What Is the Importance of Hand Protection?

Hands are often the first casualty when safety hazards occur. That is why properly gloved hands are critical to the safety of your colleagues. Depending on the work involved, hand injuries may include:

  • Contact injury: When hands come into contact with hazardous substances that permeate the skin and cause harm.
  • Thermal injury: Extremely hot temperatures lead to dangerous burns.
  • Traumatic injury: Machinery crushes, pinches, or catches hands or fingers and results in cuts, damage to tendons, blood vessels, or nerves, broken or fractured bones.
  • Repetitive motion injury: When hands repeat the same motion over and over, it can cause musculoskeletal disorders.

By choosing the correct hand protection equipment, you can prevent or minimize the risks of workplace injuries.

How to Select the Appropriate Hand Protection PPE

To determine the type of hand protection equipment you need, ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Will the gloves come into contact with chemicals?
  • What temperatures will the material be that you are working with?
  • Is puncture protection needed?
  • Is it important to protect from abrasion?
  • What sizes do you need for your team?

How to Remove Gloves Correctly

When removing gloves, be sure to take care to avoid skin contact with the glove’s exterior. Remove disposable gloves by taking the following steps:

  1. Take hold of the exterior of one glove, at the wrist, using your other hand that is still gloved.
  2. As you slowly peel the glove off your hand and away from your body, turn it inside out.
  3. Ball up the removed glove and hold it in your gloved hand.
  4. Using your ungloved hand, slide your finger inside the wrist opening of the other glove and be careful not to touch the exterior of either glove.
  5. Pull the second glove away from your body and off of your hand inside out. The first glove is still balled up inside the second glove.
  6. Once both gloves are off, dispose of them responsibly.

Set Science in Motion With Avantor

No matter what style, size, or material your lab requires, Avantor carries a vast selection of hand protection PPE to keep your team safe and free of injury. We provide mission-critical products and services to a variety of industries, including biopharma, healthcare, education, & government. Find out how our global infrastructure helps set science in motion to create a better world.

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