Erlab – Safety, Savings, and Sustainability

Through the power of filtration, Erlab provides a holistic approach to lab safety, reducing your exposure limits from chemical emissions at any stage of the chemical life cycle with ductless filtering fume hoods, filtering storage cabinets, stand-alone filtering systems for safety cabinets, and whole room air filtration solutions.

Benefits of our holistic approach include:

  • Increase safety sustainably
  • Reduce costly infrastructure - no added HVAC or air handling systems needed
  • Increased equipment flexibility for workflow changes and laboratory growth

What Makes Erlab Different

It is critical to trust ductless filtration products as safety devices and the only thing between you & breathing harmful chemicals are Erlab filters.

Safety, Performance,Savings and Simplicity with Captair

Erlab ductless filtering chemical fume hoods provide the world’s most powerful filtration, guaranteeing safety and performance.

Safely store your chemicals and reduce your risk of exposure

Protect your team from harmful inhalation risks caused by continuous evaporation of chemicals during storage use.

Ultra-Clean ISO 5 Environments

Erlab CaptairFlow Clean Air Enclosures create an ISO 5 environment for the protection of samples and products.

Protect Against Inhalation Risks

Filter the interior spaces of flammable, acid, or corrosive storage cabinets with Erlab's ChemTrap.

Clear the Air you breathe

The HALO is a laboratory-grade air filtration system removing contaminated air within the room reducing your exposure limits and cross-contamination.