INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistant Technology

Experience HyFlex® proprietary INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY® yarns that provide the ideal balance of cut protection, comfort and dexterity.

INTERCEPT™ Technology is a product development platform developed to manage Ansell cut-protection innovation resources now and in the future. It focuses our growing expertise in the engineering and manufacture of cut protection styles on producing gloves optimized to meet the dexterity, tactility and comfort requirements of the world's most demanding industrial and lab workplaces.

INTERCEPT™ is engineered as part of a portfolio of advanced technologies developed by Ansell to transform global insights about workplace needs into solutions that enhance worker comfort, protection and performance. All are critical to a better day at work.

Product selection

HyFlex® 11-531

Exceptional grip performance and in a comfortable ultralight weight cut resistant glove

HyFlex® 11-537

Exceptional grip performance and 3/4 dip protection in a comfortable ultralight weight cut resistant glove

HyFlex® 11-539

Exceptional grip performance and fully coated protection

HyFlex® 11-541

Exceptional cut protection in a form-fitting ultralight weight glove with enhanced grip performance

HyFlex® 11-644

Safety, durability, and comfort combined

HyFlex® 11-724

Excellent flexibility and fit with optimal cut protection

HyFlex® 11-727

Cut protection with enhanced comfort and dexterity

HyFlex® 11-735

Excellent flexibility and fit with high levels of cut protection

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