Chemical Protection Solutions

Workers face especially dangerous hazards when working with chemicals. It’s therefore important to select the right personal protection equipment based on the specific chemicals they work with. Ansell helps employers “Feel Equipped” that they have the best possible chemical protection for every worker, in every situation. With more than 100 years of protection experience across a range of industries, and our wide range of chemical gloves, disposable gloves and clothing styles, you can rely on Ansell to provide the right equipment for every job.


Ansell offers chemical clothing protection that ranges from low hazard, splash, liquid tight, gas/vapor, specialist to emergency response

Single Use Gloves

Ansell offers the Microflex® 93-260, the thinnest chemical resistant disposable glove, for tough chemical protection and unparalleled comfort.

Chemical Gloves

Ansell's extensive portfolio includes nitrile, neoprene, PVC, natural rubber latex and special polymer gloves under the AlphaTec®, Solvex®, Scorpio®, Snorkel®, Barrier® and ChemTek™ brands

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