Ansell is a global safety solutions provider that offers a wide range of hand and body protection solutions. From laboratories and clean / sterile environments to manufacturing and high tech environments, Ansell is your answer for personal protection to keep you, and your surroundings, safe.

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ERGOFORM™ Ergonomic Design Technology

Learn more about ERGOFORM, a new technology that enables Ansell to design hand protection that supports musculoskeletal health.

INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistant Technology

Experience HyFlex® proprietary INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY® yarns that provide the ideal balance of cut protection, comfort and dexterity.

Laboratory Environments

Safe labs start with smart hand protection from Ansell...

Chemical Protection Solutions

A world class portfolio of chemical and disposable gloves, body and disposable gloves and body protection for workers exposed to chemical hazards to increase confidence and Feel EQUIPPED™.

Microflex 93-260

The thinnest chemical resistant disposable glove that's changing the face of chemical hand protection.

Ansell Guardian

Learn how Fortune 500 companies optimize safety, productivity, and costs with Ansell Guardian - our proprietary service to help companies select the right personal protective equipment solution to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance.

Ansell Chemical Guardian

Chemical Glove Selection Simplified