Wells Lamont Industrial

Wells Lamont Industrial has been dedicated to protecting hands at work since 1907. As a leader in the global glove industry we’re driven to provide unequalled product quality, technology, service, and support to customers through VWR.

We’re well known for our glove liners, lab gloves and industrial gloves. We specialize in cut- and heat-resistant gloves, palm coated gloves, critical environment gloves, impact gloves, mechanics, cold weather, general purpose, and related leather products.


Following the precedents set by W.O. Wells over 110 years ago, Wells Lamont today is committed to bringing our customers superior quality, innovative engineering, and responsive service. 

Also, we’re the only glove manufacturer in the U.S. that up winds its own yarns and knits them into cut-resistant and critical environment gloves. This ensures high quality, short lead times, and a consistent product.

Most importantly, we’re passionate about maintaining good relationships with our customers. We stand behind our products’ quality and performance, and we also offer educational and sales collateral support, along with an extensive network of trained sales representatives in the U.S. as resources for our customers.


Glove Liners

Wells Lamont Industrial has one of the most comprehensive selections of glove liners which can be worn underneath disposable gloves or by themselves.

Lab Gloves

Learn about options for autoclaving, cold storage, glass washing, and liners for underneath disposables.

Cleanroom gloves

Trust Wells Lamont Industrial to protect your product and processes in cleanroom applications with low lint glove liners.

Industrial Gloves

Protect your hands in many different applications with a large selection of gloves and sleeves.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Cuts are a very real hazard to your hands. Here are some products that can help protect you whether you have a low or high level of hazard.


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