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Choice matters. That's why we make it our priority to provide the broadest range of safety and industrial supplies, without any limitations.

With over 100,000 safety and industrial products on, more than ever we're ready to help you stay safe and productive in laboratory research and industrial applications.

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Hand Protection

Click best-in-class brands above to view products. Properly gloved hands are critical to the safety of your workers. That’s why VWR offers the right glove for every job. It's our priority to provide the broadest range of choice in quality hand protection. You can also visit our Hand Protection page.

PPE Chemical Guides

At VWR, part of Avantor, we take safety seriously. These PPE Guides have select products compatible to use with the selected chemicals.

Hand Protection

Hands are usually first in line when safety hazards arise. Proper gloving is critical to the safety of your workers...

Personal Protection

Personal protection equipment helps you reduce exposure to workplace hazards. This is the key to injury prevention in any lab...

Facility Protection

Our chemical handling, storage, facility maintenance, and waste management solutions offer what you need to keep your lab clean and safe...

First Aid

VWR provides first aid solutions to help you respond and mitigate injury without delay...

Industrial Supplies

Our newly expanded portfolio allows VWR to deliver the industrial supplies you need, when you need them.

Laboratory Safety

Maintain a safe, clean lab with absorbents, disposal containers, labeling systems, and more...

Prescription Eyewear

Prescription Eyewear programs available from VWR

Building a Safe Work Environment with VWR

The foundation of a productive work environment is safety. Keeping your team safe and improving their ability to work at their optimum performance is a goal of VWR..

Download Literature

Our library offers a broad collection of Safety & Industrial Supplies literature, ready for you to download now...