ELGA ELGA LabWater: Dedicated to Discovery

With more than 80 years' experience dedicated solely to pioneering water purification systems, we are specialists in the engineering, service, and support of water purification systems. Dedicated to research and innovative product and solution design, we work closely with leading laboratory instrument companies to customize and develop solutions for specific requirements.

Why choose ELGA LabWater as your laboratory water partner?

Dedicated to Discovery
Our commitment to developing and providing you with pure water means that you can focus on obtaining accurate and reliable results.

Our R&D facilities work to provide products dedicated to supplying you with the right water quality for your laboratory application.

Our products are designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment at all stages. We can calculate the carbon value of all our products throughout their lifetime.

Global Service and Supply Chain Network
With a network of over 60 Approved Business Partners and Lab Water Specialists worldwide, we guarantee an unrivalled package of service and support.

"ELGA is suitable for all the needs of our large laboratory – we’re never without high-grade water. Service is on an annual basis and only takes about 30 minutes, so it’s not out of action for days on end. Good value and would certainly recommend.” - Michael Morton, AstraZeneca

Need help choosing a Water Purification System?
Download our Guaranteeing Ultrapure Water for your Laboratory Applications brochure here.

Want to know more about water purification technology or international classification standards for laboratory water?
Download the Laboratory Water Purification Guide here.

Top Tips for Troubleshooting Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, and Liquid Chromatography.
Download the guide to troubleshooting water problems here.



ELGA's Award-Winning Products and Services

CENTRA® Modular Water Purification and Distribution System

Designed to supply Type I to Type III water to laboratory suites, refurbished laboratories, and new facilities.

PURELAB® Water Purification Systems For Every Lab

Provides primary grade water to ultrapure (Type I) water for the most critical science and analytical applications.

MEDICA® Clinical Water Purification Systems

Produces the highest Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW standard water) with predictable costs.

PURELAB® Chrous Water Purification Systems

Provides primary grade water to ultrapure (Type I) water for the most critical science and analytical applications.

ELGA Genuine Consumables

Always use genuine ELGA consumables and spare parts to ensure you get the best from your water purification system.

ELGA Technical Service and Support

In order to maintain uptime and reliability, ELGA provides flexible service and support geared toward your needs.


ELGA provides a wide range of literature so that you can learn more about water purification and our systems.


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