Laboratory Chemicals Suppliers for Research & Development

Laboratory chemicals are any type of chemical used in lab testing and experiments. High purity chemicals and the right chemical supplies and equipment are needed to perform accurate testing and experiments. Types of lab chemicals include acids, solvents, reagents, and more. Avantor offers chemical supplies and equipment from leading laboratory chemical suppliers.

When it comes to high-quality chemicals and reproducible performance from batch to batch, Avantor® has the resources you need to achieve your QC, production, and R&D goals. Browse our extensive catalog to find the right chemicals, reagents, and biochemicals for your experiments. We offer everything from basic laboratory chemicals to catalysts and chromatography solvents to support all your project needs. Browse our selection below by clicking through each icon for more information.

Chemical Supplies and Equipment by Brand

Search for chemical products from Avantor® as well as other trusted brands.


A broad portfolio of J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand products engineered to drive life sciences breakthroughs, from the laboratory bench to full production.

VWR Chemicals BDH®

For more than a century, the comprehensive range of BDH® reagents have stood for versatility and value as analytical tools for laboratory research, field testing, and quality control in a variety of demanding applications.

Honeywell Research Chemicals

Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges initiated by revolutionary macrotrends in science, technology and society...


MilliporeSigma provides scientists and engineers with best-in-class lab materials, technologies and services, working as an adaptive and strategic partner to meet the needs of customers.

Ricca Chemical Company

Ricca Chemical Company offers chemical testing solutions, ready when you need them.

Spectrum Chemicals

Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corporation offers quality solutions as established laboratory chemicals suppliers for over fifty years.

TCI Chemicals for Laboratories and Production

Combining an extensive catalog of 40,000 organic reagents and over 70 years of synthesis experience, TCI America continues to lead the industry as one of the most experienced lab chemicals suppliers.

Thermo Scientific Chemicals

Thermo Scientific™ provides an extensive range of chemicals, functional reagents, organic building blocks, metals and life science reagents for research and development and quality control.

Karl Fischer Reagents for Moisture Analysis

Avantor® offers Karl Fischer Reagents for all types of analytical applications. From liquid and solid standards; Karl Fischer has some of the most unique and versatile options for standards and reference materials available.

Chemical structure search

Accelerate your discovery by reducing your search time and streamlining procurement process complexities with the VWR Building Blocks Portal, powered by eMolecules.

Chemical Safety & Storage

Laboratory safety is key for running any research or production operations. Avantor® offers a wide selection of options for chemical storage and handling to keep your team well-equipped and safe on the job. Find options for sanitized equipment, caustic and corrosive chemicals, flammable liquids, as well as everyday equipment and documents. There are a number of designs available that are wheelchair-friendly, size-adjustable, and easy to store beneath a desk or workbench.

Learn more about chemical storage and safety

Discover resources that will help provide the safety roadmap for handling chemicals in laboratory and production environments. Keeping up to date on safety protocols ensures a positive and productive workspace.