Karl Fischer Reagents for Moisture Analysis

Karl Fischer Titration (KF, or KFT) is the leading method for measuring water content in a wide variety of products and industries, such as Chemicals, Petroleum Products, Foods, Pharmaceuticalsm and many others. There are two primary types of KFT - Volumetric and Coulometric.

Volumetric KFT is typically recommended for moderate-to-high water content determination in the range of 0.1% to 100%. On the other hand, Coulometric KFT is utilized for determination of water at very low levels, typically well below 1%. Most modern volumetric and coulometric reagents are characterized by high titration rates and produce accurate, reliable results.

In addition, Standards and Reference Materials are required to ensure accurate, precise, and reproducible titration results. Both solid and liquid standards with varying certified water contents are used for monitoring and qualification of KF instrumentation.

VWR's portfolio includes a wide variety of KFT reagent and standard types, all produced under exacting quality control using validated procedures for highest possible accuracy and precision.

Product selection

VWR BDH Chemicals Coulometric Karl Fischer Reagents

Coulometric Karl Fischer method is used to determine water content at the microgram level.

VWR BDH Chemicals Volumetric Karl Fischer Reagents

Complete portfolio of one-component and two-component volumetric Karl Fischer reagents for determination of water content.

Honeywell Research Chemicals HYDRANAL® Karl Fischer Reagents

Our premium Hydranal™ product range for pyridine-free and ethanol-based water determination by Karl Fischer titration (KF titration) is comprised of one- and two-component reagents for volumetric Karl Fischer titrations

Honeywell Research Chemicals Hydranal® Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration Reagents

Coulometric Karl Fischer titrations normally require two reagent solutions: an anolyte (the solution in the anodic compartment) and a catholyte (the solution in the cathodic compartment).

Honeywell Research Chemicals Hydranal™ Water Standards for Karl Fischer Titration

Broad product range for volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer applications

AQUASTAR® Coulometric and Volumetric Reagents and Solvents

Since the 1980's, EMD Millipore has been marketing leading-edge, high performance reagents, quality water standards, and auxiliaries for Karl Fischer analysis under the Aquastar® brand name

AQUASTAR® Auxiliary Reagents and Standards

Reagents and standards include a lot-specific Certificate of Analysis. NIST water standards include a certificate to indicate traceability to standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.