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Avantor offers a wide range of spectroscopes, equipment, products, and supplies that analysts in your laboratory need every day to help them to identify and measure the composition of samples or objects at the molecular level.

Molecular spectroscopy is one of several spectroscopic technologies used in commercial, government, research, and academic labs to determine the composition of sample materials or objects. Avantor carries a comprehensive selection of spectrometers and other equipment and materials you’ll need to successfully determine the molecular identity of samples in your laboratory.

Featured Suppliers:

NMReady® 60MHz Benchtop NMR Spectrometers

Nanalysis NMReady-60 benchtop systems are compact 60MHz, 1.4 T, all-in-one spectrometers

Featured Products

Double Beam UV-Vis Instrument

VWR® Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is suitable for a wide range of applications including general research, pharmaceutical, biochemical and clinical laboratory use, and QC

VWRC-BDH Dosatest Quant Strips

Ready to use kits that fits into your lab coat pocket. The color charts are adjusted and checked using certified standard solutions, directly traceable to primary NIST standards.


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What is Molecular Spectroscopy?

Molecular spectroscopy is a process that lets scientists and researchers identify, quantify, and determine the characteristics of molecules in a compound or material by measuring how they interact with electromagnetic radiation. The process works because different types of molecules have unique responses when exposed to electromagnetic radiation.