As a leading manufacturer of high-purity fire assay flux, our experience has earned us an exceptional reputation for offering fire assay flux of the highest quality to the global assay industry. We utilize strict quality control standards that guarantee gold values of less than 1.5 ppb in litharge component of the flux. Assay flux with low silver levels (Gold and Silver Free) is also available.

Flux comes in either a fine powder or granular format, both of which vary in color between light yellow and orange. We offer customer-specific formulations that will satisfy the most demanding specifications while adhering to the strictest confidentiality for proprietary customer knowledge. A Certificate of Analysis is available for each batch of flux manufactured. Packaging is available in 11.5 kg, 20kg, 25kg, or 40kg UN-approved plastic pails or 500kg UN-approved maxi bags.

For more information on our Fire Assay Flux, please contact your local VWR/Anachemia Sales Representative or Mining Specialist.