Masterflex® single-use components

Choose reliable components adhering to strict sterilization protocols

With Masteflex single-use, you will no longer have to validate the cleaning and sterilizing of your bioprocess assemblies. The purchase of a preassembled, sterilized and validated system shifts the burden of validation to the supplier. That is why it is important to be sure your supplier uses only the most reliable brand-name products and adheres to strict, well-established protocols in the sterilization process.

Masterflex single-use assemblies are manufactured in a Class 10000 cleanroom. The assembly facility is ISO 13485 certified and are cGMP compliant. We offer gamma irradiation sterilization with a 10–6 SAL (Sterility Assurance Level), a one millionth probability of microbial survival, and full lot traceability that identifies the production site, manufacturing date and origin of the components. We also provide and maintain all required documentation, including complete validation documents and certificates of conformance and sterility.

We build custom assemblies with reliable products


Sanitary Fitting with Fused Gasket

Add another layer of safety to ensure sterility by preventing contamination with zero user contact with the gasket. No adhesives or clips needed to hold the gasket in place.

Quick-Disconnect Fittings

Quick-disconnect fittings allow you to make and break tubing connections without separating tubing from fitting. Available connections — barbed, pipe, compression and push-to-connect.

Luer Fittings

Luer fittings are designed to work with microtubing and luer-type syringes. Standard-sized connecting ends make luer fittings, stopcocks and manifolds interchangeable.

Barbed Fittings

Barbed fittings slide into flexible tubing. Tubing elasticity holds the tubing onto the fitting for low-pressure installations.



  • Premium translucent tubing offering lower spallation and longer pump life than silicone
  • Heat-sealable and weldable
  • Ideal for sensitive cell work

Platinum-Cured Silicone

  • Smooth surface; lower protein binding levels
  • Fewer potential leachables
  • Ideal for pharma and biotech use

PharMed BPT®

  • Popular opaque tubing option for bioprocess applications
  • Nontoxic, nonhemolytic, heat sealable, and weldable
  • Offers a long pump life


  • Biocompatibility similar to PharMed BPT
  • Long life under continuous pressure up to 40 psi (2.7 bar)
  • Very low spallation and low extractables

Chem-Durance® Bio

  • When you need chemical resistance and biocompatibility with extra low spallation, there is no better choice.
  • Excellent life and durability under pressure

Custom Cut-to-Length Tubing

  • Choose from a wide selection of formulations
  • Save valuable time and money


Flow Sensors

  • Build a complete single-use flow sensor system customizable to your application
  • Ideal for single-use applications and suitable for long-term measurement
  • Noninvasive design eliminates contact with working fluid

Pressure Sensors

  • Ideal for applications such as tangential flow filtration, cross flow filtration, depth filtration, bioreactor monitoring and chromatography
  • Sensors priced for single-use systems but may be reused

Temperature Sensors

  • Eliminates cross-contamination and extensive cleaning protocols
  • Can be sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Better than ±0.2°C accuracy

Common accessories

Ratchet Clamps

Durable plastic clamp is autoclavable and will not rust, corrode or distort. Twelve-position ratchet control adjusts from full flow to complete closure. Accepts flexible tubing to 1/2” OD.

SaniSure® Clamps

An innovative clamp that offers 360-degree compression for your sanitary connection. Meets USP Class VI requirements.

Heavy-Duty Tubing Closure

Durable clamp meets the working pressure of large tubing. High-strength polysulfone closure provides excellent durability that can be reused, and resists most chemicals.


Description: Achieve uniform 360-degree compression for a leak-free connection to barbed fittings. Provides seven times the pull resistance of cable ties without crimps or distortion.

It’s time to make your process more efficient

  1. What you need
    Choose from thousands of components. We custom configure, validate and package according to your specifications.
  2. When you need it
    Stop cleaning and revalidating your system. We manage your inventory and send assemblies according to your schedule.
  3. Call for a quote today
    Masterflex single-use experts provide a quote with full schematic, followed by an actual sample for your approval.