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Masterflex® pumps deliver versatility and standard-setting reliability. Choose from over 10,000 pump configurations for a pump system that meets the specific needs of your application.

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Masterflex Peristaltic Pump Series — Shop by flow range

Copy of Ismatec® Series

Microflow, high accuracy

Flow Range:
0.0001 to 365 mL/min

Microflow pumps >

Copy of L/S® Series

Precise flow control

Flow Range:
0.00005 to 3400 mL/min

Precision flow >

Copy of I/P® Series

Powerful systems

Flow Range:
0.001 to 26 LPM

Industrial flow >

Copy of B/T® Series

Highest flow rates

Flow Range:
0.3 to 42 LPM

Highest flow pumps >

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