Masterflex® in food and beverage solutions

Masterflex can handle a wide range of fluids, from hot water and vitamin solutions to thick molasses. The pump heads are designed for easy tubing exchange, and a wide selection of the drives have ”wash-down” capabilities. Choose from a wide variety of tubing that meets USP Class VI, FDA, NSF, EP and 3A requirements.

Masterflex peristaltic pumps are perfect for

  • Pizza sauce dispensing
  • Salad dressing pump
  • Glass washing system
  • Ice cream pump
  • Automatic drain cleaners
  • Popcorn butter dispensing
  • Vitamin A & D injection

What makes Masterflex a top choice for food & beverage applications

  • High-purity - Fluid media only contacts tubing—USP, FDA, EP, 3A, NSF compliance. Sterilize by ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, or autoclave.
  • Wide range of tubing materials - Compatible with many industrial chemicals.
  • Easy cleanup - Just change the tubing to clean the pump, IP66 models available.
  • Self-priming - Suction lifts up to 8.8 m (29 ft).
  • Handles viscous materials - Transfer and dispense yogurts, ice cream, and food particles.
  • Reversible - Operate in both directions without disconnecting tubing.
  • Modular design - Mix and match pump heads, tubing, and drives.
  • Custom Engineered Service - Design into your lab dispensers or analytical equipment.

Dispensing Pump

Versatile multichannel pumps for accurate low-flow fluid delivery – with an intuitive touch-screen interface

Sanitary Sampling Pump

Precise dispensing at variable speeds - NEMA 4X housings stand up to process and washdown applications.

Additive/Concentrate Pump

Program for “on demand” flavor concentrate. Many OEM application opportunities as well

Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Masterflex and Ismatec precision extruded and pump tested formulations engineered for the highest reliability, compliance, and traceability

Sanitary Fittings and Clamps

Ensure secure, sanitary connections in critical process applications. Fittings and clamps in sizes needed from pilot to production