Next Generation Sequencing Sample Prep Workflow

Next Generation Sequencing Library Prep in Half the Time with:

  • NxSeq™ DNA Sample Prep Kits from Lucigen
  • Size Select-IT™ and E.Z.N.A.® Clean-IT Kits for Library Preparation from Omega Bio-Tek
  • AccuStart™ Taq DNA Polymerase HiFi from Quanta Biosciences

From Sheared DNA to Enrichment

Lucigen NxSeq™ DNA Sample Prep Kits

  • Cut up to 2 hours off your library prep time
  • Reduce chimeras and false junctions
  • Reduce NGS costs
  • Kits contain end-repair, A-tail master mix, and high-concentration ligase
  • Adapters must be purchased separately

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Omega Bio-Tek Size Select-IT™ Kits

  • Two column method
  • First spin column removes larger fragments (250–700bp)
  • Second spin column binds lower fragments to allow for tight size distribution (100–200bp)
  • Can control the lower molecular weight cut off within 10bp
  • Recovery rate exceeds 50%
  • Compatible with all platforms (Illumina, Roche, ABI)

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Quanta Biosciences AccuStart™ Taq DNA Polymerase HiFi

  • Increased accuracy for amplicons up to 20Kb in length
  • High yield, high sensitivity
  • Superior reproducibility and precision
  • Room temperature reaction assembly
  • 6X fidelity of standard Taq DNA polymerase

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Omega Bio-Tek E.Z.N.A.® NGS Clean-IT Kits

  • Silica spin column-based method eliminates manual processing of magnetic beads
  • Efficient DNA recovery in less than seven minutes
  • Flexible kits isolate fragment sizes based on your platform and application
  • Volume of water added to the sample allows different size fragments to bind to columns
  • Compatible with all platforms (Illumina, Roche, ABI)

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