Gilson - Making Lab Life Easier

When it comes to pipetting, no company inspires total confidence in sample preparation steps better than Gilson. Reliable and innovative pipettes have been the core of Gilson's expertise for over 40 years. Its products are engineered with creativity and insight, exuding a passion for sharing knowledge and experience to help scientists like you in your daily tasks.

Gilson's wide range of products offer the most trustworthy and cost-effective ways to manage your liquid samples, from manual to automated systems, single-channel to multichannel formats, and all the pipette tips, accessories, and user-focused services to get the most out of your instruments. Complete your research with absolute confidence in your sample preparation by choosing to use Gilson in your lab today.

PIPETMAN® Pipettes

Robust, ergonomic, and dependable, PIPETMAN pipettes are designed and manufactured with absolute precision in mind – without sacrificing your comfort during those prolonged sessions working in the lab.


PIPETMAN tips are specifically manufactured to fit any model of Gilson pipette with air-tight perfection, guaranteeing the maximum in accuracy and convenience for your pipetting operations.

Pipette Starter Kits

Looking for the most concise and economical way to experience the quality and precision of PIPETMAN pipettes? Gilson has you covered.