Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

Western Blot detects specific proteins in a complex mixture of proteins extracted from cells or tissues. The three main steps in the workflow are separation by size, transfer to stable support, and visualization using appropriate primary and secondary antibodies.

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Azure Biosystems - From Transfer to Imaging and Analysis

What's the most efficient way to do total protein normalization of NIIR blots? With the Sapphire™ Biomolecular imager from Azure Biosystems.

Analytik Jena - only satisfied when you are successful

Analytik Jena is a leading provider of life science products, including BioImaging, PCR, and Real-Time PCR systems for academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology applications.

Protein Extraction & Sample Prep

Protein Electrophoresis


Probing & Imaging

Featured Products

Molecular Devices ScanLater™

The ScanLater™ Western Blot Assay Kit is a time-resolved fluorescence (TRF)-based assay optimal for quantitating as little as femtogram protein samples.

Azure Radiance Plus

Radiance Plus is the most sensitive HRP substrate for chemiluminescent western blotting available from Azure.

IgGy Antibody Selector

Search. Select. Simple. We have the antibody for your specific application needs, with more than 350 antibodies from the suppliers you know and trust.

VWR Rapid Transfer Buffer

Rapid Transfer Buffer is a simple, single component system for quick and efficient transfer of proteins from SDS-PAGE gels to membranes for Western blotting applications.

Pall FluoroTrans®

Ideal for a wide variety of protein-analysis applications, these membranes with 0.2µm pore sizes feature naturally hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride filter media.

VWR® Power Supply

This power supply is ideal for basic electrophoresis applications such as small Wet blot Western blotting.