VWR bioMarke

The VWR bioMarke Program features premier suppliers and brands taking you from Discovery, through Analysis to Expansion. Each phase of work brings different requirements and concerns for our customers. Understanding customer goals allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive solutions.

Our goal, as always, is to provide you with the products and services you need.

VWR LIfe Science Application Notes

2019 VWR bioMarke Magazines

Both 2019 Issues are loaded with Supplier technical articles. The focus of Issue 1 is 'Cells to Therapy' and the focus of Issue 2 is Sample to Sequence.

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Featured Suppliers

Agilent Technologies Genomics Portfolio

Agilent Technologies provides a wide range of high-fidelity, specialty, and routine molecular biology tools to meet all of your research needs.

Go Viral with Mirus Bio!

Mirus Bio offers innovative nucleic acid delivery systems to support molecular and cell biology applications in research, bioproduction and therapeutics.

Add a sparQ to your NGS Workflow

sparQ NGS products simplify workflow steps while improving library yields with limiting sample inputs resulting in lower total sequencing costs.

For over four decades, New England BIolabs has been shaping the landscape of bioscience research.

NEB offers a braod portfolio of reatents designed to streamline RNA analysis and genome editing workflows.

Featured Products

Biotium AccuBlue™ and AccuClear™ dsDNA Quantitation Kits

Biotium Quantification Kits offer sensitive and selective detection of double-stranded DNA in 96-well microplate format.

Discover Echo Revolve Hybrid Microscope

The first and only Hybrid Microscope! Easily converts between upright and inverted. Four (4) models included: Upright, Inverted, Brightfield and Fluorescence

GE Healthcare MabSelect Prisma Protein A Resin

Protein A chromatography resin with enhanced alkaline stability and bindign capacity for improved process economy in antibody purification.

Lonza FlashGel™ System

Fast electrophoresis! No gel preparation, band excision, purification or UV light needed. Load samples, watch bands migrate and get data in as little as two minutes.

Lucigen Biosearch competent cells

Replace standard cloning strains with high efficiency E.cloni 10G. Stabilize lentiviral clones with Endura. Generate larger, more diverse phage display libraries with the highest efficiency TG1 cells available.

Analytik Jena UVP iBox Scientia

The UVP iBox Scientia systems are easy to use optical imaging systems for noninvasive detection of fluorescent markers in small animals.

Molecular Devices SpectraMax ABS Plus

Bridge the gap between the affordability of filter-based readers and the flexibility of monochromator-based systems with the SpectrMax ABS Plus.

Zymo Research Direct-Zol™ RNA Purification Kits

A 7 minute method for the purification of up to 100 µg of high-quality RNA directly from samples in TRIzol®, TRI Reagent® or similar.