Protein Isolation & Purification

Protein Isolation and Purification is a series of steps that extract the proteins from cells or tissues and separate them from the non-protein mixture. The resulting mixture of proteins are separated by differences in their size, binding affinity, and chemical properties.

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Pall Laboratory leader in filtration, separation & purification

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Agilent Technologies for high-fidelity specialty and routine molecular biology tools

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Sample preparation

Protein Electrophoresis



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Pall AcroPrep™ 24 Well Filter Plates

Utilizing Pall’s proprietary high-performance multi-layer filter media and membranes, these filter plates offer time savings and strong performance claims.


The J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND® PROchievA™ recombinant protein A resin offers superior dynamic binding capacity with excellent alkaline stability linked to Avantor's proprietary ligand.

Agilent Multiple Affinity

Designed to remove two interfering high-abundant proteins from human samples.

Pall Laboratories Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration System

Disposable tangential flow filtration devices accelerate and simplify scale-up bioprocessing applications.

VWR Protase Inhibitors

Effectively preserve the native state of proteins with VWR Protase Inhibitors.

VWR® Single Pack Buffers

VWR Life Science Buffer packs offer you the time-saving convenience of pre-measured blends of the most commonly used protein biology buffers.