Life Science Focus publications

Focus: Cellular Analysis Workflow Magazine

Broad range of technologies used to investigate the basic cell biology as it relates to cell health, prolifertaion, function, and death

Focus: Next-Gen Sequencing Workflow Magazine

A collection of high-throughput methodologies & platforms used to the determination of the sequence of base pairs in DNA or RNA

Focus: Gene Editing Workflow Magazine

Application area concerned ith the intentional alteration of the DNA sequence of a plasmid, cell or organism. Encompases numerous methods.

Focus: Protein Expression Workflow Magazine

The process of generating a specific protein by manipulating the gene expression in a living organism. 

Focus: qPCR Workflow Magazine

Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction and is a technique which monitors, in real-time, the enzymatic amplification of a targeted sequence of DNA.

Focus: Western Blot Magazine

The three main steps in the workflow are separation by size, transfer to stable support, and visualization using appropriate primary and secondary antibodies.

Focus: Protein Isolation & Purification Magazine

A Series of steps that extract the proteins from cells or tissues and separate them from the non-protein mixture.

Focus: Cell Culture Magazine

Process of growing cells under controlled conditions in an artificial environment, providing excellent models for studying.