Cell Culture

Cell Culture for Analysis is the process of growing cells under controlled conditions in an artificial environment, providing excellent models for studying the normal physiology and biochemistry of the cells.

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Break the 3D Barrier with Corning

For more than 25 years, Corning has delivered innovations that have advanced the science of 3D cell culture and pioneered the development of novel tools for easier access to in vivo-like 3D models.





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Corning® Matrigel® Matrix For Organoid Culture

Organoids have become increasingly popular in disease modeling and drug discovery as they resemble the composition and functionality of organs.

Corning® Elplasia® Plates

Create a high volume of uniform spheroids under one culture condition with a simple “plug and play” protocol.

Leica THUNDER Imager

THUNDER Imager Tissue Package, allows real-time fluorescence imaging of 3D tissue sections typically used in neuroscience and histology research.


The world’s first Personal automated lab assistant PAULA helps you to speed up your daily cell culture tasks and standardize the results to improve your downstream workflow.

MP Bio Mycoplasma Detection and Removal

A complete solution for managing mycoplasma contamination in cell culture. Prevention, rapid detection (20 min), sensitive detection and effective removal.

Mirus Bio TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System

An advanced, non-liposomal polymeric system that enables high efficiency transfection of many cell types, including primary cells