Cell Culture and Growth

Getting accurate, consistent and reproducible results depends on having the cell culture products and equipment you need to do your job effectively. That’s why Avantor® carries your preferred products from brands you trust.

What is Cell Culture?

Cell culture is an essential tool in cellular and molecular biology research. It refers to several techniques and resources in which animal or plant cells are extracted from an organism and grown under controlled conditions in an artificial environment. That allows scientists to study or manipulate cells for research, diagnose infections, test the effectiveness of new drugs, or explore the normal physiology and biochemistry of the cells.

The Purpose and Application of Cell Culture

The molecular and cellular biology fields depend on cell culture to provide specific cell types for researchers to study. For example, cell culture technology allows scientists to study how drugs and toxic compounds can affect cells. Cell culture in biotechnology is critical to developing and manufacturing large-scale biological compounds, including vaccines and therapeutic proteins.

Cellular agriculture is another industry that relies on cell culture. Scientists can develop new products and techniques for producing current agricultural products through cell culture technology.

Advantages of Cell Culture

One of the most important benefits of cell culture techniques allows researchers to obtain consistent and reproducible results. Cells in a physicochemical environment can be accurately controlled to eliminate interference from genetic or environmental variables.

Featured Suppliers

Break the 3D Barrier with Corning

For more than 25 years, Corning has delivered innovations that have advanced the science of 3D cell culture. Pioneering the development of novel tools providing easier access to in vivo-like 3D models

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Discover how our J.T.Baker® premium robotic tips and plates for automated sampling systems can help improve your analytical and diagnostic operations. The quality you want for reliable results: dose even small volumes with high precision and no contamina


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Featured Solutions

Corning® Matribot® Bioprinter

Bioprinting makes it possible to reproduce structural features seen in vivo and explore the cell-to-cell relationships that affect tissue functionality.

Corning® X-LAB® System

The Corning® X-LAB® System is designed to separate and harvest a programmable volume of target cell populations from blood and blood products in a closed, sterile device.

Leica THUNDER Imager

THUNDER Imager Tissue Package, allows real-time fluorescence imaging of 3D tissue sections typically used in neuroscience and histology research.

Corning® Minimum Essential Medium (Mod.) (EMEM)

Low endotoxin - < 0.25EU/mL mycoplasma tested liquid media products are formulated with cell culture grade WFI water manufactured in a cGMP environment

MP Bio Mycoplasma Detection and Removal

A complete solution for managing mycoplasma contamination in cell culture. Prevention, rapid detection (20 min), sensitive detection and effective removal.

MinION® - your personal, portable sequencer

Get complete control over when, where and how often you sequence - with real-time data analysis for immediate access to actionable results.

Cell Culture Solutions

Avantor® carries everything you need to conduct advanced, high-quality research from discovery to delivery. From cell culture plates and dishes to cell culture media, bottles, and flasks, we set your science in motion.

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