Hands-On Lab Kits for College Distance Learning

There's no need to sacrifice hands-on labs in your distance learning college science course. Get remote-ready labs for individual student instruction, customized to meet your needs.

With Ward's Distance Learning Labs exclusively from Ward's Science and Morton Publishing, your students can get the same high-quality hands-on lab experience at home, or from anywhere.

Developed in partnership with with industry-leading college textbook and lab manual publisher, Morton Publishing, Ward's Science delivers a complete selection of ready-to-use individual lab kits paired with comprehensive curriculum content and resources, making it easy to teach high-quality virtual science labs.

  • Quick turnaround and easy ordering process 
  • Realistic hands-on lab experience 
  • Wet labs included in every course
  • Every course includes a comprehensive lab manual by Morton Publishing with detailed backgrounds, high- quality images, post-lab analyses, and teacher support
  • Free access to instructor digital resources including lab manuals, test bank, lab images, and more

Get Started Now 

Here’s How it Works:

1. Choose Your Course.
Select the course(s) you teach from the options below.

2. Choose Your Activities.
Choose hands-on activities and additional materials to match your course requirements. Activities are aligned to a comprehensive lab manual from Morton Publishing, included with every kit. 

3. Get Your Kits.
Contact your Account Manager or visit us online to request a quote and we’ll provide final pricing based on your selections; Then, we’ll build your custom lab kits to your specifications including all the activities and materials you select. We’ll ship your kits to your school science lab or bookstore for student pickup or distribution.

Ready to get started? Contact your Account Manager or click the link below to request a quote for pricing based on your selections.

Build Your Kits Now 

Ward’s Distance Learning Labs are available for these popular college science courses:

  • Microbiology – Available Now!
  •  Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 – Coming Soon
  • Chemistry 1 and 2 – Coming Soon
  • General Biology 1 and 2 – Coming Soon
  • Allied Health – Coming Soon

Discover the complete selection of activities available for each course below.