PIG® Absorbents & Spill Kits

At New Pig, we’ve always done things a little differently, and that difference is making an impact in workplaces across the world. The mat that absorbs anything and works everywhere is trusted in more workplaces than any other - the #1 brand worldwide! Not only do our mats last 2X longer than the competition, they also perform in the most demanding environments and soak up leaks, drips and big spills of anything from water to oil to sulfuric acid. We have the biggest selection of absorbents available and even offer custom options according to your needs.

Keeping your facility clean, safe and compliant is a tough job. When you’re going up against industrial hazards like acid baths, oil-slicked floors and runaway spills, you need products you can trust to get the job done right. New Pig has developed a full range of tools that help you redefine what a clean, safe and sustainable workplace can be. You’ll feel confident using the world’s best stuff to battle your facility’s worst!

PIG® HazMat Absorbents

Specially treated to absorb most acids, bases, corrosives and chemicals.

PIG® Universal Absorbents

Absorbs anything, works everywhere and is the #1 brand worldwide.

Adhesive-Backed Mats

New Pig Adhesive-Backed mats stick to the floor thanks to our proprietary adhesive, but peel up easily for quick changeouts.

PIG® HazMat Spill Kits

Be prepared for hazardous spill emergencies with the only spill kits packed full of PIG absorbents.

PIG® Universal Spill Kits

Be prepared for spill emergencies with the only spill kits packed full of PIG absorbents.