High Performance Liquid Chromatography

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is an analytical technique to separate, identify, and quantify components in a mixture. It is the single biggest chromatography technique essential to most laboratories worldwide.

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Agilent Technologies

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Thermo Scientific Chromatography

Comprehensive range of columns and consumables to achieve repeatable, predictable results – separation after separation.

AMT HPLC Columns

AMT’s HPLC columns are manufactured using Fused-Core® particle technology specially developed to deliver hyper-fast liquid chromatographic separations for small and large molecules.

HPLC Solvent Solutions by SCAT

SCAT products block vapors, keep your solvent clean, and filter the air exchange from waste canisters. They protect your health, the environment, and the quality of your analysis.

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Acetonitrile HPLC, VWRC- BDH

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Avantor HPLC Columns

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What is HPLC?

High performance liquid chromatography, known as HPLC, works by using high-pressure pumps to effectively force a sample mixture containing the solvent through a column that contains a solid absorbent material.

This absorbent material interacts differently with each component in the solvent. As the solvent components flow out of the column, they flow at a unique rate.

The difference in flow rate lets each component be separated from the mixture. A detector then determines the identity and concentration of the compounds.