How to Start a Lab

Avantor® leverages 35 years of expertise to make sure your lab has everything you need to make the next breakthrough discovery - that’s science by design. 

  • Use our new lab set up guide to begin a plan for renovating or creating your new lab.  Avantor is ready to provide laboratory furniture and equipment perfectly suited to meet your individual needs and preferences. 
  • When time is of the essence, our fast-track inventory program VWR® REDISHIP can deliver essential laboratory furniture within a matter of days. 
  • Use the guide to take advantage of many money savings offers, from high quality chemicals and reagents, to imaging systems to general lab necessities.

Laboratory renovations

With science and research advancing rapidly, labs always need to keep up with innovations. Many labs choose to tear down or vacate their existing, outdated facilities in order to have modern labs with up-to-date equipment and a future-proof design. However, a new build isn’t always a feasible option for several reasons, including a lack of sufficient funding, or time limitations. 

Renovations can make more sense than creating a new lab in certain situations. One of the biggest challenges with a lab renovation is how to protect and preserve the work that goes on in the lab while the renovation is taking place. Moving an entire operation to a new building is a huge undertaking, and may present a risk to research, product, or even people, so in some cases, it’s more beneficial for work to continue in a lab while spaces are expanded or updated.

Let Avantor’s experts help with your renovation plans and ideas—we have the expertise and the equipment support you’ll need to achieve your lab upgrade vision!

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Are you setting up a lab or renovating an existing lab? Whether this is your first time or you’ve started a laboratory before, setting up a lab can take a lot of time and resources. From creating a lab to the types of laboratory furniture and equipment needed, find all the information you need in our Lab Startup guide.  Request your free copy here..