Solvents and Reagents for Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Burdick & Jackson™ BioSyn™ solvents and reagents for DNA and RNA synthesis are processed and purified to minimize particulate contamination, making them ideal for the high purity required in pharmacogenomics, diagnostics, therapeutics and drug discovery applications.

These solvents and reagents are ideal for use in performing oligosynthesis at lab scale or production levels and are available in a range of package sizes from 1L glass bottles to 1,250L bulk containers. Packaging is designed to facilitate direct connection to popular synthesizers.

Product selection

Deblocking reagents

Deblocking reagents for detritylation in various formulations.

Activator reagents

High performance activator solutions for oligonucleotide synthesis.

Capping reagents

Acetic anhydride or N-Methylimidazole solution for the capping step.

Oxidation reagents

Reagents for the oxidation step in the oligonucleotide synthesis cycle.

Solvents and related products

Solvents and related products for the oligonucleotide synthesis including solvents with low water content.