Original and Accurate Hydranal™ Karl Fischer Reagents

Leading the way in innovation and safety since 1979, Hydranal™ reagents for Karl Fischer (KF) titration have been recognized as the most trusted brand in the industry.

The Hydranal portfolio is made up of methanol and ethanol-based KF reagents free from pyridine. Reagents for volumetric and coulometric application are completed by a wide range of standards and auxiliaries.

Hydranal products are known for their high quality and consistency, and are backed by dual accreditation, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034.

More than 700 Hydranal lab reports can be downloaded from www.lab-honeywell.com/hydranal-search/

Product selection

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

Explore the broadest portfolio of one- and two-component volumetric reagents and a selection of special solvents for volumetric titrations.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Coulometric reagents based on different solvent compositions serve to support the broad variety of samples analyzed by Karl Fisher titration.

Water Standards and Certified Reference Materials (CRM) Standards

Exactly confirmed water content for titer determination, for precision & accuracy analysis and validation & control of Karl Fischer titrators.

Auxilaries for Karl Fischer Titration

Additional Karl Fischer titration products, incl. solubilizers, buffers to neutralize acidic or basic samples, drying agents and a Moisture Test Kit.