Heathrow Scientific Lab Equipment & Consumables

Founded in 1996, Heathrow Scientific is focused on understanding the lab science world and how to make a difference. We push boundaries and make new and better ways of lab work possible by supplying everyday labware and equipment that solve problems, improve productivity, save space and deliver value.    
Heathrow Scientific doesn’t just make lab products, we strive to make the work lab professionals do easier, more efficient and even fun. We offer products in a spectrum of colors and styles, as well as being versatile and adaptable for multiple uses. Our products are used in life sciences and clinical applications as well as academic and government research.


Our line of benchtop equipment is designed focusing on the demands of today’s lab professional to improve productivity and workflow processes. With proven 99.7% reliability and backed by a five-year warranty, our equipment delivers on versatility and value.

Tube Racks

We offer the largest portfolio of classic, adaptable and interlocking racks.


Our range of weighing boats and dishes accommodates a variety of applications.

Liquid Sample Handling

We offer dispensing precision at your fingertips and organization for your workspace.