Medical Lab Supplies & Equipment

Medical Lab Supplies

Avantor: The Lab Professional's Lifeline for Patient Care

Avantor provides a comprehensive offering of medical laboratory equipment to help medical facilities achieve their healthcare goals.

Our experienced support staff and key manufacturer alliances will deliver the lab supply products and processes that make it easier for you to focus on results.

Microbiology Lab Supplies & Equipment

Microbiology is essential for the study and understanding of all life on the planet.

The “Avantor Value” as a Medical Lab Partner

From discovery to diagnosis, Avantor can be a “one stop” provider for everything you need to support your facility’s processes, from sample collection to laboratory supplies, lab design, furniture, safety, and more.

Blood Collection Supplies

From blood lancets, syringes made of plastic or glass, capillary tubes, or blood diluting pipets — Avantor offers a complete range of medical lab supplies to meet all of your needs.

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

Avantor has the resources to make your Chromatography or Mass Spectrometry applications run efficiently and effectively—from the measuring apparatus needed for chromatography, or the proteins used to fulfill sample manipulation during mass spectrometry.


Avantor supports hematology laboratories in detecting abnormalities of the blood. The primary function is to detect and diagnose anemia. Let Avantor be your partner who can reduce your logistics management -- so you can heighten your focus on innovation.

Histology Equipment and Supplies

Avantor can provide you with reagents and apparatus to prepare, preserve, and process tissues, as well as cut & stain sections. You'll find everything from dissection tools to stains, reagents and related laboratory supplies in this section.

In Vitro Fertilization

Choose from a selection of products designed to support IVF techniques for assisted reproduction, including Avantor’s cryogenic specialty products.

Liquid Handling

Avantor offers a wide range of liquid handling solutions via high quality, extensive product lines such as disposable serological pipets, robotic tips suitable for robotic instruments and pipet and micropipette tips.


With its extensive selection of microscopy supplies and accessories, Avantor has become a one-stop-shop for customers with both specific and general laboratory equipment needs.

Specialized Equipment

Here you’ll find essential lab products relating to cold storage, weight & temperature measurement, and centrifugation used for separating liquids and particles in the laboratory.

Specimen Collection & Transport

Avantor offers a diverse line of products integral to specimen collection, storage, and transport from blood tubes to urine collection products.

Reference materials – Laboratory Products

Looking for more information? Browse our product library to find more details, specifications and technical information for the laboratory equipment and services you need.

Air-Tite Syringe & Needle Products

Air-Tite Products supplies Avantor with high-grade disposable and reusable hypodermic supplies for medical, laboratory, industrial, or veterinary use.

Sklar Instruments

With Sklar's product line of more than 19,000 precision-crafted, stainless steel surgical instruments and accessories, you’re sure to find a great fit for any of your laboratory equipment or medical application needs.

Puritan Medical Products

Puritan Medical Products is an American company known worldwide as the most trusted manufacturer of swabs. diagnostic, and specimen collection products. Puritan is also a large manufacturer of COVID-19 testing swabs.

Specialized Solutions for Cutting Applications

AccuTec is a leading manufacturer of high-quality medical blades used in laboratories, pathology, dermatology, aesthetics and general surgery. AccuTec continues to design and develop the future standards in cutting solutions.