HALO® 1.5 MM ID HPLC Columns

The New HALO® 1.5 - Defining a New Dimension in Chromatography

The adoption of UHPLC instrumentation pushed LC separations to a new level of speed and resolution. In the years since, chromatographers continue to push separation limits in response to increasing challenges. Now in 2022 AMT breaks new ground again with a 1.5 mm internal diameter HALO® column to push the boundaries of adopted UHPLC systems. Founded on all of the benefits of Fused-Core® particles, the HALO® 1.5 delivers increased sensitivity and reduced solvent consumption, allowing scientists to experience the benefits of capillary columns without the pains of specialized microflow systems.

Delivering More Performance

  • More Sensitivity from conventional UHPLC Systems
  • Higher Ionization Efficiencies from LCMS systems
  • Reduce Solvent Consumption compared to 2.1 mm ID columns
  • Easy to Implement microflow solution

1.5 MM ID Columns