Greiner Bio-One HTS Microplates

For decades, Greiner Bio-One has been developing and producing plastic microplates that are used throughout the world in laboratories for diagnostics and research. Microplates for high-throughput screening (HTS) enable fast, automated analysis of a multitude of substances. This high level of efficiency ensures successful development of new drugs, for example.

With one of the world’s largest product ranges, Greiner Bio-One is a leading supplier of microplates. Besides microplates, used for drug screening, the company also offers special plates for immunology, protein crystallization, DNA analysis and microsystem technology.

Greiner Bio-One is one of the innovation leaders in the sector and one of the latest developments is non-binding microplates. By repelling protein, these surfaces optimize the biochemical screening for active substances, as the influence of the plate surface on the test result is reduced considerably.

Product selection

96 Well Microplates

A large number of different 96 well microplates available in a variety of surface treatments. Spectrum ranges from clear bottom microplates and completely black or white microplates to UV-Star® products

384 Well Microplates

384 well microplates are available as black and white clear bottom plates (µClear®), in FLUOTRAC™, LUMITRAC™, MICROLON®, CELLSTAR®, UV-Star® or non-binding quality.

1536 Well Microplates

1536 well microplates are available as clear bottom variants, in lear polystyrene and completely black or white in CELLSTAR®,LUMITRAC™, FLUOTRAC™ and non-binding quality.

Standard Polypropylene Storage Microplates

Polypropylene microplates are perfect storage plates for active agents, patient samples or biomolecules. Most important properties are biological inertness and resistance to numerous solvents.

Storage Microplates for Acoustic Liquid Handling

Unsurpassed performance for a wide range of applications. In compound storage plates made from cycloolefins offer the best combination of chemical resistance (to polar solvents eg. DMSO) and optical clarity

Streptaviden Coated Microplates

Streptavidin-coated solid phases serve as reliable binding surfaces for all types of biotinylated molecules


SensoPlate™family consists of 24, 96, 384 and 1536 well glass bottom formats. All plates have optically clear borosilicate glass bottoms with a light path of 175 +/- 15 μm and a black polystyrene frame

UV-Star Micoplates

UV-Star® microplates are the ideal alternative to expensive and fragile quartz glass plates or cuvettes. UV-Star® plates are also DMSO-resistant and can be stored at -20 °C without any problem.

Non-binding Microplates

High quality microplates with non-binding surface are stable under common assay conditions.No potential for degradation or leaching and resultant assay interference