Pipette Starter Kits

Looking for the most concise and economical way to experience the quality and precision of PIPETMAN pipettes? Gilson has you covered. These PIPETMAN Starter Kits are the most convenient and cost-effective assembly of select PIPETMAN pipettes, certified-quality pipet tips, and other accessories to bring reliable accuracy and ergonomic comfort into your lab operations.

Product selection

PIPETMAN® L Starter Kit

The PIPETMAN L has low pipetting forces, lockable volume for secure pipetting, and is lightweight for superior all-day comfort.

PIPETMAN® G Starter Kit

The ergonomic and easy-to-use PIPETMAN G operates with extremely low pipetting forces while providing premium comfort and performance.

PIPETMAN® Classic Starter Kit

Reliable, accurate, and cost-effective, the PIPETMAN Classic has established itself as a world-renowned standard in pipetting.