PIPETMAN® Pipettes

Nothing better embodies Gilson’s commitment to making your lab life easier than the PIPETMAN, the world standard in pipetting instrumentation. Robust, ergonomic, and dependable, PIPETMAN pipettes are designed and manufactured with absolute precision in mind – without sacrificing your comfort during those prolonged sessions working in the lab. Whether you prefer fixed or adjustable volume, mechanical or digital operation, single or multi-channel interface, the diversity of the PIPETMAN line is certain to offer a pipette that fits your needs just as well as it fits in your hands.

Product selection


PIPETMAN L is the latest innovation from Gilson and is based on ergonomics, comfort, and traceability research.


PIPETMAN M combines the simplicity of a manual pipette with the consistency of electronic liquid handling.


PIPETMAN G maintains the trusted durability, accuracy and reliability of the PIPETMAN Classic, but with added comfort.


MICROMAN E positive displacement pipettes, along with Capillary Pistons, offer the highest precision when pipetting problem samples - ergonomically.