Furniture FAQ

1. Q: What basic information do I need to provide to get a VWR® Furniture quote?
A: Contact your VWR Furniture Specialist.

2. Q: Who do I contact for Furniture pricing and availability?
A: Contact your VWR Furniture Specialist

3. Q: Where can I send my orders?
A: VWR International - Furniture Division
3021 Gateway Drive, Suite 280
Irving, Texas 75063
Attn: Order Entry
(888) 624-2432 (toll free)
(972) 819-7500 (phone)
(972) 753-1389 (fax)

4. Q: How do I request VWR Furniture Literature?
A: Request a catalog online through our catalog request form. Or, view our online VWR Furniture Literature section.

5. Q: What are the standard heights of casework?
A: VWR offers standing and sitting height casework, 35.75" and 30" respectively for the metal VWR Contour casework. Other heights are available. (Note: dimensions for cabinet heights do not include worktop thickness.)

6. Q: What are the standard widths of casework?
A: 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 52", and 60" widths. Other custom widths are available.

7. Q: Does VWR provide ADA-compliant casework?
A: Yes, VWR offers ADA-compliant casework, along with ADA-compliant sinks, faucets, fume hoods, and more.

8. Q: What colors for casework are available?
A: The standard finish for VWR Contour (metal) Casework is #61 Light Neutral. Other colors are available with longer lead times.

9. Q: Do the cabinets automatically include worktops?
A: No, worktops are ordered separately as there are many choices of work surfaces, colors, and sizes available to meet your specific needs.

10. Q: What are the standard worktop depths?
A: VWR offers 24" and 31" depths, and 54" and 60" depths for islands and peninsulas. Standard cabinet depth is 22" with a 1" front overhang, which allows a 1" or 8" space at the rear of the cabinet for plumbing and/or electrical.

11. Q: Does VWR provide installation?
A: Yes. Contact your VWR Furniture Specialist for more information.

12. Q: How do I install my own casework?
A: The casework manufacturer can supply installation manuals.

13. Q: Does VWR offer an energy-conserving, low-flow (high-efficiency) fume hood?
A: VWR offers a variety of fume hoods to meet your requirements.

14. Q: What if I need my lab to be setup quickly?
A: VWR offers a quick-turnaround Rediship Program. Contact your VWR Furniture Specialist for more information.

15. Q: Does VWR offer a turnkey line of laboratory furniture?
A: Yes, please contact your VWR Furniture Specialist for more information.