Fire Assay Cupels

We manufacture the industry-leading Anachemia Alpine cupel using high-purity magnesium oxide. Our manufacture process envelopes strict quality standards that result in a product of superior mechanical strength that is resistant to cracking and pitting – common issues found in other cupels. Our cupels – while offering the highest levels of lead absorption – remain very consisting in ultra-low losses of precious metals. We continuously test our products via a 3rd party analysis to ensure our product quality remains at the highest level.

Sizes available are: 5A deep, 5A shallow, 6A deep, 6A shallow, 6A tall, and 8A. Our packaging is specially designed for ease of use. Our cartons with fall away side panels allow easy access for use with a cupel fork or other loading tools. Our cupels are packaged in either 50 or 84 cupels per layer which allows for easy orientation in correlation to the number of full fusion loads being performed.

Anachemia Hunter brand bone ash cupels – which have been a consistent mainstay in the fire assay industry for over 30 years – are also available in various sizes. Our bone ash cupels are offered in both tapered and straight-sided shapes.

For more information on our Fire Assay Cupels, please contact your local VWR/Anachemia Anachemia Sales Representative or Mining Specialist.