Fire Assay Crucibles

We currently offer three brands of fire assay crucibles: AP Green, B&B Refractories, and Continental.

For our 2 premium crucible brands AP Green and B&B, these both offer up to 7-8 fusions before they have worn to the point of being unusable. These brands are carefully manufactured using high-quality clay mixes, providing the highest degree of mechanical strength to withstand repeated thermal shock. These best in class crucibles have been engineered to be used for a higher number of fusions without risk of erratic wear or crucible failure.

For Continental crucibles, our standard range offering, these crucibles will last 4-5 fusions (depending on ore type and flux formulation).

Our fire assay crucibles are high-quality and are suitable for multi-use. They have highly consistent dimensional tolerances and mechanical strength that makes manual and automatic handling very safe and efficient. All crucibles are uniform in shape to better accommodate handling equipment and tumbler mixers. Sizes available: 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g, 45g, 50g, and larger.

**Sizes are brand dependent and are not available in all brands.**

For more information on our Fire Assay Crucibles, please contact your local VWR/Anachemia Anachemia Sales Representative or Mining Specialist.