About Our Histology Products

Electron Microscopy Sciences is focused on providing histologists in particular the most comprehensive line of products to help them do their work. From fixatives to stains, embedding media and tools, we invite you to explore the extensive range of products we've assembled with the histologist in mind.

Product selection

Reagents for Fixing, Dehydrating, Cleaning and Staining

EMS offers a complete line of reagents for Histopathology:The highest quality for Fixing, Dehydrating/Clearing and Staining

Embedding Media

EMS offers a vast array of embedding materials to meet your various needs.

Histology Supplies

The EMS assortment of histology supplies is so immense, we had to create our own separate catalog! All of which are conveniently right here for you...

Certified Dyes and Stains

Certified by the Biological Stain Commission All Dyes/Stains are for research use only. Not meant for drug, food or household use.

Tools, Blades and Scalpels

We've selected the highest quality lines of blades and scalpels to ensure you have the best tools for the job.

Staining Sets and Apparatus

Our selection of staining sets, jars, and racks meet a variety of needs, from multipurpose solutions to specific uses. There are reusable and disposable types. You can pick from clever contraptions to good old stand-bys...

Slide Warmers

Electron Microscopy Sciences has a variety of slide warmers to choose from, generally accommodating 23-66 slides, with larger options available.

Stainers and Equipment

Eliminate labor intensive hand staining with automated, programmable slide stainers. Our stainers accommodate multiple slides at a time, can follow various protocols, and offer consistency while process from 100 to 1000 slides an hour depending...