About Our Chemicals

Electron Microscopy Sciences is known worldwide for our exceptional line of chemicals for microscopy. We are a trusted supplier with over 45 years of experience manufacturing chemicals to the highest standards. You deserve the best for your research.

Product selection

Adhesives and Mountants

The finest selection of adhesives and mountants for microscopists are available here.


The universal fixative for electron microscopy at the highest purity available. We offer our glutaraldehyde in a wide range of percentages to simplify mixing procedures and avoid waste.

Prepared Fixatives

Premixed, prebuffered fixatives, that are pH adjusted for immediate laboratory use. They are freshly prepared upon receipt of order to ensure maximum shelf life.


All of our ready-to-use buffers are conveniently packaged, economical, time-saving. and prepared fresh for each order.


To facilitate your work, we have a complete line of Osmium solutions with various concentrations. They are sealed under dry nitrogen and prepared in our plant daily. Exact concentrations and volume in pre-scored amber-ampoules.


This common fixative is prepared in our plant and available in variety of quanities, containers and solutions.

Embedding Kits

We offer a variety of embedding kits to facilitate your work.

Immunogold Reagents

The Conventional Immunogold Reagents are the classical conjugates in immuno electron microscopy; they are an excellent choice when the antigen is abundant and the accessibility of the antigen is relatively good.


Our complete line of prepared, ready-to-use, high quality staining solutions for all standard staining procedures. All solutions They are packaged in convenient and precise quantities so you can expect consistent, uniform results.