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Discover Biotechnology, Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Supplies for Cleanrooms at Avantor

Avantor® carries a complete line of products, equipment, and supplies to help facilities maintain cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Whether you work in the biotechnology research field, manufacture medical devices, or require pharmaceutical supplies for cleanrooms, Avantor® offers high-quality products from brands you trust to help ensure your cleanroom functions optimally. 

Browse Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceutical Supplies for Cleanrooms 

Cleanrooms are a vital component of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and are required to produce pharmaceuticals. To maintain strict environmental standards, pharmaceutical cleanroom products must be used, and the room must be constantly monitored. 

Avantor can provide each industry with the equipment, products, and supplies needed to meet standards for cleanliness, air quality, airflow, temperature, humidity, and other measures. Browse our extensive offerings. 

Protective Apparel

Single-use and reusable protective apparel from Avantor can help ensure your controlled environments are as clean and aseptic as possible.


Avantor offers a variety of quality-tested gloves suitable for use in ISO Class 3, 4, or 5 cleanrooms. Gloves are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and packages.

Cleaning Systems

Constantly maintaining an aseptic environment is one of the most critical factors in cleanroom operations. Avantor carries a full line of high-quality cleaning systems and supplies.

Detergents and Cleaners

Avantor has the products you need to maintain clean, aseptic environments, including hand creams and lotions, soaps and cleansers, and disinfectants.


Avantor’s complete line of wipers and dispensers can help you manage contamination spills in your controlled environment.


You can find the swabs that best meet your needs from our comprehensive range of high-quality products.

Labels and Documentation

Avantor carries labels, paper, and other documentation products designed and manufactured to minimize contamination in a controlled environment.

Environmental Monitoring

Our environment monitoring products can help you detect contamination in the air and on work surfaces in your controlled environment.

Mats and Flooring

Floor mats in entryways and high-traffic areas can significantly reduce the amount of dust brought into controlled environments by foot traffic and equipment wheels.

Production Supplies

VWR® offers a high-quality collection of production supplies that support demanding requirements in many industries, including aerospace, biotechnology, clean technology, food and beverage, government, medical device, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor


We offer a wide range of products for demanding packaging applications in cleanrooms and controlled environments such as suitability for sterilisation, low particle contamination, resistance to most chemicals, high quality sealing or antistatic.

Vessel & Cart Covers

Covers act as a barrier against harmful contaminants interfering with contents as well as protecting workspaces from splashing substances. Different options and sizes available.

Disposal Products

Avantor has everything you need to collect, transport, process, recycle and dispose of controlled environment waste. We can help you deal with all types of waste materials, including solids, liquids, sharps and biohazards. Leanrn more about what we offer.

Equipment and Isolation

Avantor offers a wide variety of material handling and isolation equipment solutions to fit your needs.

Other Consumables

Our comprehensive list of consumable products can be used every day in hospitals and other healthcare applications.

Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms 

Cleanrooms are essential in the pharmaceutical industry because pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmaceutical testing require sterile controlled environments to ensure quality control. 

Biotechnology Cleanrooms 

Biotechnology is an essential application for cleanrooms because they provide the proper, controlled environment to conduct lab experiments and facilitate scientific discoveries. Avantor’s biotechnology cleanroom products can help you meet the high standard required for cleanrooms. 

Why are cleanrooms necessary in biotechnology? 

Cleanrooms help ensure lab results or manufacturing in biotechnology are not affected by contaminants or environmental factors. Achieving accurate lab results could depend on having a controlled environment with no impurities to affect biotechnology research or manufacturing.  

Medical Device Cleanrooms 

Cleanrooms may also be used in medical device manufacturing to help ensure that product quality and patient safety is not compromised. To help you achieve that goal, Avantor carries a wide range of medical device cleanroom products you can use to adhere to rigorous quality assurance measures. 

Why are cleanrooms necessary in medical device manufacturing? 

Cleanrooms are necessary for the medical device industry because a clean environment is essential during manufacturing. Every component in a medical device must be free of contaminants and pollutants to ensure the medical device functions properly and does not pose a risk to patients. Manufacturing these devices in cleanrooms and using specific medical device supplies to keep cleanrooms free of bacteria and other contaminants help ensure the safety of devices are not negatively impacted.  

Do You Need a Cleanroom? 

Depending on the industry you work in, cleanrooms may be a requirement or a preferred facility for your application. Cleanrooms are often required if you manufacture sterile medicinal products. In other manufacturing, where particles and contaminants may negatively affect the quality of your product, cleanrooms are preferred for quality assurance.  

Cleanrooms are classified based on the size and number of particles allowed in a specific air volume. Be sure to check what requirements are necessary to accomplish your contamination-sensitive activity. 

What Equipment is Needed for Cleanroom Applications 

Biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceutical industries all require equipment to maintain the appropriate level of cleanliness. Standard equipment needed for cleanrooms in these industries include: 

  • Protective apparel and cleanroom gloves 
  • Cleaners and cleaning systems 
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Flooring and cabinets 
  • Sterilization equipment 
  • Various sterile consumables 

Obtain Mission-Critical Biotechnology. Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Supplies for Cleanrooms From Avantor 

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