How do you purify your sample using liquid chromatography? Depending upon the nature of your sample and the purity required there are several options available ranging from basic flash chromatography to mass directed preparative HPLC.

Preparative HPLC or prep LC is often used as a final step to refine a raw material following synthesis or extraction from a natural product.  Choosing the correct prep LC column is often Dependent upon previous work or a previously developed analytical method.  You may be looking for basic glass column chromatography supplies, automated flash chromatography or high performance preparative HPLC. 

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Preparative LC Columns

Are you looking to scale up from analytical to prep or wondering which phase you need? We can help.

Bulk Sorbent

We can help you find the correct bulk media for your specific purification, whether polymer based resins or a silica based phase, we can help.

Solvents for Preparative HPLC

Your purification is the final step in a process. Selecting the correct solvent is important in order to achieve the best yield.

Flash Chromatography Systems

Flash chromatography systems quickly isolate compounds through a preparative scale method with moderate resolution.