Buckets, Carts, and Wringers for Efficient Cleaning

Critical cleaning relies heavily on the use of correct tools. Micronova’s variety of carts, multiple bucket configurations and wringers ensures proper disinfectant and detergent application while allowing for increased clean rinse options.

BucketBinder™ Multi-Bucket Systems

The BucketBinder Multi Bucket System is a cost efficient, ergonomic, and simple multi bucket system that does away with the need for bulky carts and frames. The system easily disassembles and offers easier cleaning and storage – in both small and large sizes. 

Slim T Buckets

Rectangular buckets with a 19" interior width for use with a variety of flat head mops and string mops in controlled environments - with and without casters. Buckets are autoclavable.

Slim T™ Double Bucket Cart

A low profile, electropolished stainless steel frame that secures and easily transports cleaning buckets (included) with excellent maneuverability. Buckets available in stainless steel or polypropylene.

SlimLine™ Stainless Steel Cart Systems

A durable cart system crafted from electropolished stainless steel for it's frame, optional wringer bar, and three grip-it holders for easy storage and interchange of handles and mop heads. Available as a double or triple bucket system.

Stainless Steel Slim-T™ Flat Head Mop Wringers

Ergonomic sieve style wringers crafted from a single piece of electropolished stainless steel. This simple design leaves flat style mops damp enough to effectively disinfect surfaces while wringing out excess liquid.

MegaWringer™ Flat Head Mop Wringer

A unique ergonomic design that leverages the mop handle to exert a downward wringing pressure to efficiently wring flat head mops with minimum effort. Ideal for consistent flat head mop wringing while guarding against operator wrist and back pain.