BRAND Bottletop Dispensers

BRAND brings over a half century of bottletop dispenser manufacturing to their comprehensive line. The flagship Dispensette S line, features fourth-generation technology, with models optimized for general dispensing, solvents and concentrated acids, high purity chemicals for trace-analysis, and even hydrofluoric acid (HF), all with the latest in safety and convenience features. Price sensitive customers may find the seripettor or seripettor pro bottletop dispensers suitable for their dispensing needs, with a reduced feature set, distinct chemical suitability and semi-automatic operation.

Product selection

Dispensette S Bottletop Dispensers

Mount directly to the reagent bottle for general dispensing. Digital, Analog and fix models available, with or without recirculation valves.

Dispensette S Organic Bottletop Dispensers

Similar to the Dispensette S, but optimized for dispensing organic solvents and concentrated acids (except HF). Not for bases or salt solutions.

Dispensette S Trace Analysis Bottletop Dispensers

Specialized dispensers for maintaing the integrity of high purity chemicals. Two models, platium-iridium, and tantalum. Pt-Ir model suitable for HF.

Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser

Great for Biology labs—bases, buffers, even sodium azide. Spring-loaded operation with replaceable wiping seal cartridge. Not for scintillation fluid.

Seripettor pro Bottletop Dispenser

Broader chemical compatibility than the regular seripettor with better tolerance for acids and some solvents.