BRAND Pipet Controllers

BRAND accu-jet pro and macro pipette controllers provide fine control over volumetric and serological pipettes from 0.1 mL to 200 mL in size, with superior ergonomics. PTFE ball valves allow smooth control from dropwise to full flow. A speed limiter on the accu-jet pro facilitates filling of small volume pipettes. PTFE membrane filters (0.2 µm for accu-jet pro, 3 µm for macro) help protect samples and controller components.

Product selection

accu-jet pro Pipet Controller

Powerful battery provides 8-hours of full-speed operation, vibration-free for comfortable use in your biological safety cabinet.

macro Pipet Controller

A single squeeze powers aspiration of 50mL—squeeze again for larger pipettes. Especially well suited for volumetric pipettes. Fully autoclavable.