BRAND HandyStep Repeating Pipettes & PD-Tips II Syringe Tips

The NEW BRAND HandyStep touch Motorized Repeating Pipette features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface for intuitive operation. HandyStep touch features dispensing,
auto-dispensing, and single volume pipetting modes, with the ability to save up to 10 favorite functions. The HandyStep Touch S adds multi-aspiration, sequential dispensing, and titration modes for even more versatility. The HandyStep Touch and Touch S automatically recognize BRAND PD-Tip II precision dispenser tips, and also feature an open design to accommodate all standard type repeating pipette tips.

NEW BRAND PD-Tip II syringe tips are made from high-quality virgin plastics for use in all standard repeating pipettes. Their precision seal ensures smooth operation with increased accuracy and precision, while the extended piston minimizes dead volume and maximizes fluid utilization. PD-Tip II tips are encoded for auto-recognition in the BRAND HandyStep Touch.

Product selection

HandyStep touch Repeating Pipette

Touch screen control in a motorized repeating pipette

HandyStep Touch S Repeating Pipette

Touch screen repeating pipette with advanced features

HandyStep S Repeating Pipette

Advanced repeating pipet features for versatility, easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

PD-Tip II Precision Dispenser Tips

Automatic size recognition with BRAND HandyStep touch repeating pipets.