Biotix Video Gallery

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Why choose Biotix? See for yourself by browsing our video gallery.

We’ve provided science-entertainment videos to introduce our technology while hopefully making you smile. We also have a suite of short product related videos that show our tip technologies in action.

Perfect fit:

The Pressure Test

We compare the insertion forces required to achieve a secure seal on a Rainin LTS. Which tip will require less insertion force? The LTS tip or the Biotix tip?

A Secure Seal with Less Force

A quick demonstration of how FlexFit Technology can improve your pipetting experience

Don’t Stress, Press Less

With the right pipetting techniques, FlexFit technology reduces both insertion and eject forces on most pipettors. See the proper insertion technique to make sure you don’t seal your tip too tight and undermine the ergonomic benefit of this Biotix tip feature.

Clean Delivery:

The Difference Between Natural and Low Retention Tips

Are you dispensing all of your sample or just part of it? Watch as we use blue dye to show how sticky sample can linger in natural tips.


The Paradox of a Career in Research

Are you able to carry your eco-values in the lab or do you check them at the door? Watch As this neuroscientist and surfer realizes the paradox in which he is living.