Buffer management solutions

Buffers play a significant role in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Typically representing a major component by volume used in downstream processing steps, buffer preparation constitutes a significant proportion of a facility‘s footprint, labor requirements and equipment cost.

There are multiple ways buffers can be supplied; an established way to manufacture buffers in-house is with the use of USP or WFI grade water to hydrate powders in stainless steel or single-use tanks.

While this method is established and ideal for large volumes, these operations need significant infrastructure. This includes warehouse space for holding raw materials prior to use and a weighing and dispensing area for raw materials.

Therefore, looking at the cost and complexity of in-house buffer preparation, the adoption of hydrated, premade liquid, buffers and buffer concentrates can be a cost-, time- and resource-saving alternative.

Contact us to discuss different alternative buffer management strategies that can be applied as either a stand-alone solution or in combination to achieve workflow improvements, depending on the size of your operations and facility.

Featured buffer management solutions

Flowmor™ Packaging System

A unique packaging system to maintain easy-to-handle, free-flowing hygroscopic salt.

J.T. Baker Direct Dispense Packaging System

A novel packaging platform for direct delivery of powdered raw materials into the process to streamline and enhance effectiveness in biomanufacturing workflows.

Hydrated buffers, reagents and cell culture media

Premade, ready-to-use critical reagent grade and cGMP solutions to reduce time, resources and money spent in the biomanufacturing process.

Avantor® Inline Dilution Buffer System

Designed to streamline buffer delivery in downstream applications.

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