CytoFLEX Features

Quality performance, multiple configurations for real power on your benchtop

The high-performance CytoFLEX system offers scalable detection capabilities for up-to three lasers and 13-color research flow cytometry right on your benchtop.

Ready to run in minutes, not hours with CytoFLEX

The CytoFLEX system is easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Superior sensitivity and resolution for excellent fluorescence and nanoparticle detection
  • Compact, reliable design fits right on your benchtop (<50lbs, 16”x16”x13”)
  • Future-proof system with easy upgrade options
  • Powerful performance with up-to 21 flexible configurations (up-to three Lasers, 13 colors)
  • CytExpert experiment-based software for easy multicolor setup and QC
  • Versatile plug-n-play filters (bandpass-only light collection)
  • Integrated optics for alignment stability
  • Accommodates 12x75mm and microtiter tubes


An intelligent patent-pending optical design optimizes excitation from up-to three lasers (488nm; 638nm; 405nm) and light collection efficiency. With unique flow cell design and integrated optics, the innovative Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) detection module includes solid-state, high efficiency, low-noise detectors for excellent performance. The WDM’s bandpass-only design guarantees flexibility with easily changeable filters and 4-13 configurations.

Nano particle detection

When equipped with a violet laser, the CytoFLEX can be set up to measure Side Scatter from 405nm for enhanced nanoparticle detection. Mie theory predicts that the scattering cross section of a particle, and thus its scattering intensity, depends on the wavelength of light, the angle of collection, and the size, shape, and refractive index of the particle. All other factors being equal, using a shorter illumination wavelength will result in an increase in scattering cross section, and thus more scattered light. The CytoFLEX offers light scattering parameter measurements from the 488nm laser light, and optionally from the 405nm laser to enhance small particle detection.

Maximize investment in CytoFLEX with custom configuration options

With future-proof upgrade options for up-to 13 colors, the CytoFLEX system evolves as your application needs change. Upgrade your configuration in less than one day knowing that all CytoFLEX instruments have been fully tested across all configuration types.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.