Electrochemistry Equipment

Avantor Electrochemistry

Avantor has a comprehensive assortment of meters, probes, accessories, and chemicals that analysts in your lab need to measure pH, conductivity or perform titrations using electrochemical techniques.

Electrochemistry is a set of versatile analytical techniques that include high sensitivity, accuracy, and extreme precision to measure pH and conductivity, as well as perform titrations. Avantor carries a wide selection of the meters, probes, instrumentation, accessories, chemicals and other products you’ll need to outfit your lab to meet your analysts’ daily work requirements.

pH Meters

You can choose compact desktop or portable pen style meters from among the dozens of alternatives Avantor offers. Our rugged pH and multi-parameter meters feature waterproof construction to endure harsh conditions and environments.

Conductivity Meters

Conductivity meters from Avantor feature rugged construction to accurately measure electrical conductivity in a variety of applications, including water analysis, biology, chromatography, food, electronics, dairies, and manufacturing.


Titration is a common technique used to identify samples or measure concentration in solutions. Avantor has a wide selection of easy-to-use titrators, as well as the reagents, test kits, and other supplies you’ll need every day in your lab.