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Better Histology Slides for Your Research Needs

Avantor Services has a team of certified histologists and technicians who can process, section, and stain specimens according to your specifications.

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Our state-of-the-art histology lab in Rochester, NY is a registered human tissue bank that manufactures over 40,000 slides per month with a 98% acceptance rate.


"I highly recommend Avantor Services for histology services. They are well suited to high-throughput slide preparation, yet provide personalized service."

–Gail M. Seigel, PhD, The State University of New York at Buffalo

Core Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive chain of custody sample management
  • Three-point quality inspection for every slide to ensure consistent staining, clear tissue presentation, and easily identifiable structures
  • Wax, frozen, or plastic thin sectioning
  • Wide array of custom stains
  • Immuno histochemical staining
  • Custom tissue array development
  • Embryology serial sectioning
  • Histology consulting

State-of-the-Art Histology Equipment:

  • Automated tissue processors
  • High-throughput slide stainers
  • Automated coverslipper
  • Advanced microtomes: standard and thin section
  • Cryostat

Our complete range of custom slide capabilities includes a variety of tissue sampling, sectioning, mounting and staining options to meet your needs.

Just send us your specimen tissue. We'll do the rest!

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